Our Social Services to the Public

SHELTER GROUP takes keen interest to offer social services to the public such as publishing for literary minded people.

  • Publishing Company

    The publishing companies now a days has a trend of publishing only those book which accompany more than reasonable monetary benefits.

  • Literature

    This appalling situation has instigated us to get into the picture of publishing to try to reduce the damage in the filed of literature.

  • Writes & Poets

    Writers , poets or any body wishing to publish his book can contact SHELTER GROUP for financial assistance.

  • Published Book

    We have already published a few books like, Yousuf ka Bika Jana. Yousuf ki Inshaeya Nigari.

  • Spreading Message

    We have also indulged ourselves in spreading the message of Islam and Sunnah. In this regard, we published 2 books, Paigham-e-Quran and Paigham-e-Hadees.