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to start your Business in Real Estate & Construction with us…

Private Construction

  • Feasibility Report

    We can make ready a FEASIBILITY REPORT for you, if you wish to start a joint venture to build a commercial plaza project on  your commercial plot.

  • Skilled Personals

    Feasibility report is a very important factor in construction business. You will not only require different type of materials, but you will also required services of skilled personals.

  • Cost Minimization

    If you are not familiar with proper marketing of construction items or you don’t have the right approach to the concerned skill personalities, you can’t minimize the expenditure and maintain quality.

  • High Profitibility

    On the basis of this FEASIBILITY REPORT, you can easily estimate whether you will earn according to your will or not. As a Overseas Pakistani, if you are wishing to invest in Real Estate you can benefit from the services of SHELTER GROUP.

  • Help & Support

    We can assist you in the purchase of any kind of property such as flats, bungalows, shops, offices etc on full payments or on installments basis.

  • Bank Loan

    If you are interested to buy property through our organization. SHELTER GROUP can arrange bank loan as per your requirements if you have limited funds.

General Construction

  • Contact & PR

    As you know we are enlisted with various administrative bodies, we work on several Large Projects of different government and non-government bodies.