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SHELTER GROUP offers you versatile job opportunities in the field of Real Estate. We have the best working environment & even sit back at your home or work place and…

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Now you have the opportunity to work with us or even sitting at your work place or home. No matter where you are from, you can join us by filling some requirements listed below. You have both the opportunities to work with us either as Online Estate Consultant or Manager Online Estate Consultant. Please find the details below.

We are authorized agent for many multinational companies like Emaar Pakistan, ETA Star, Al-Ghurair GIGA and many more, for a complete list, please see our homepage.

On selling each unit, these companies offer us a 2% or 3% (depends) of the total price. For each client submitted by any of our Online Estate consultant, they can get 40% of the total commission and even more.

Manager Online Estate Consultant

Make and manage your own network of sales representatives. Grow with the others and earn more. Now as Manager online Estate Consultant, you can appoint as many persons as you like. Each transaction made by them also benefits you.

Online Estate Consultant

Work with us either at our office or at your workplace and even at home. We offer you a part of the commission on each unit separately. Please see the sample agreement for details.


You will be awarded different facilities, like your separate email address at, mailing list online software which will assist you to manage and send promotional emails and data. Further more facilities can be certain on appointment.

Sample Agreement

You can download the sample agreement. Note that the terms and conditions are negotiable.

Agreement Sample

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